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Где зарыта собака Fazil Iskander

Где зарыта собака

Fazil Iskander

Published January 17th 2013
ISBN : 9781477294536
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 About the Book 

Recent studies in America has shown that there is a growing trend of non-believers who have given up on organized religion because their spiritual needs are not being met. Ken Reiners book now provides a guide for those non-believers who still want to grow spiritually. He makes a clear and concise differentiation between organized religion and spirituality. In this book Ken identifies eight, essential spiritual needs for becoming spiritually whole. He shares his personal spiritual struggle of letting go of the distorted religious beliefs imposed on him by his parents and other religious teachers. Discarding of these negative beliefs imposed on him by others and replacing them with positive ones has enabled Ken to become more spiritually whole. This book not only provides helpful insights for non-believers but for anyone who is seeking spiritual wholeness.