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Moralske småstykker Giacomo Leopardi

Moralske småstykker

Giacomo Leopardi

Published 1988
261 pages
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 About the Book 

Operette Morali are a work of the 19th century poet and philosopher Giacomo Leopardi, second book out of a planned sextalogy, banned before the third book was released because of its pessimistic worldwiews, conflicting with the ideas of Enlightenment.The essays touch mans existence, and not always in a pleasant light.Rationality as Enlightenments cornerstone is heavily frowned upon, as it only brought man farther away from his natural state: the best philosophy can tell man only that it itself is useless. By being civilized, man had turned from his natural state so much, that even suicide - in the old times something unnatural - is now natural, in the context of unnatural civilization (Plotinos and Porphyrios).But even the natural state isnt so happy - because nature works without regards for man (Icelander and Nature). We are born to know how better would it be to not be born at all. (Ottonieri)But after all - there is some fleeting wishing to experience something good, that keeps man alive.Leopardi, mentioning rationality as the new superstition, was read even by Nietzsche. Admiring the genre of philosophical prose, Leopardi made the 23 Operette morali in various forms - dialogues, tales, and touches on many a topic from antique times, to the medieval, and even speaks about astronomy.****