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Palestine Jonathan Bloomfield


Jonathan Bloomfield

ISBN : 9781452067841
392 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Israel is on the verge of a nuclear holocaust. Intelligence chief, General Navon, is urging action, warning that Iran is about to launch multiple nuclear-armed Shihab-3s and Sajjil-2s. But he has little proof. Israels prime minister is refusing to attack- a preemptive strike is illegal under international law. With less than a day to the presumed H-hour, General Navon is initiating a coup dtat while unleashing at Iran the most advanced weapon system humanity has ever known. Meanwhile, Hamas operatives in a suicide operation are smuggling nuclear bombs into Israel. One of them, war hero Captain Anid, met the love of his life just hours before his mission. Against the odds and orders, he is determined to set off his bomb remotely and survive. The traumas and tragedies of historic Palestine are impacting every twist and turn in the countdown to detonation. www.palestinethebook.com